How to Grow Taller During Puberty

How to grow taller during puberty? Yes, actually growing taller is teenager’s dream. We cannot deny that every teenager wants to have tall body. Being taller than others can be the valued asset. There are some professions that qualified by body height. For example, we can be a model, stewardess, and any classy profession because of having ideal height. That’s why somebody tries hard to get taller body.

Besides being valuable asset, having tall body also can be the symbol of healthy lifestyle. Somebody who has regular exercise will get good growth. It can be defined by your body height. So, if you have good lifestyle, you also can get ideal height. So, having tall body gives you many benefits. Do not go for grow taller pills.


Maybe now, you are on puberty age. You are confused how to get your ideal height. If you want to get the answer of the question above, you can keep reading here.

Consuming Some Nutrition for Supporting Your Body Growth

Body height depends with nutrition in your body. You need calcium to help your bone growth. How to get calcium source? Well, you can consume milk with high calcium twice per day. Besides that, you also have to consume foods with best nutrition. So, on your puberty age, you have to care about your food behavior. Food with good nutrition can be the best solution for you and of course will help you how to grow taller during puberty.

Doing Exercise How to Grow Taller During Puberty

There are some aerobic workouts that can increase your hormone growth. Those are swimming, basket ball, badminton, and football. Those workouts can support you to get taller body. You can choose the suit exercise for you. The most important thing is you can enjoy certain exercise. So, you can do it comfortably.

Having Enough Time of Sleeping

Sleeping also influences your body growth. You have to get sleeping for 8 hours per day. It is the ideal time of sleeping. When sleeping, your body produces hormone. Its hormone has the important function to your bone growth. So, it is better for you to have 8 till 9 hours to sleep at night. The research proves that women produce hormone for 1.5 till 2.5 times.

Well, those are some tips how to grow taller during puberty age. You also have to consume other vitamins that can support your bone growth. You can get the sunshine in the morning to get vitamin D source. You only need to get sunbathed under the sunshine.